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Home Recovery & Remodels in Houston

It’s a tragedy when a house is damaged during a natural disaster, a fire or any kind of uncontrollable event. But, that doesn’t mean it’s all over. We know how we get accustomed to how things were before a tragic event, we’re a company that specializes in returning things back to how they were or even in a better condition.

Home Recovery, Restoration & Remodeling Services

  • Flood damage insurance claims
  • Hurricane damage recovery services
  • Storm recovery services
  • Wind recovery services
  • Fire recovery services
  • Smoke recovery services
  • Major remodeling
  • Major home repairs
  • Multiple room remodel
  • Recovery services & home repairs

Beside our expertise in whole home remodeling, we are also experts when it comes to kitchen remodeling, bath remodeling & all other interior & exterior remodeling. So be sure to ask about some of our recent kitchen & bath remodeling projects, you will love them.

Home Recovery, Home Repairs, Home Restorations, Handling Insurance Claims

Home Recovery, remodels and damage repairs

Not only Flood Damage Repairs & Remodels

We don’t only handle flood damage restoration and repairs but our services are extremely sought after. The fact that we provide some of the best recovery and repair services in Houston and all surrounding cities. We work round the clock in order to restore your house to it once was; whether it’s a simple smoke incidence where rooms are covered in thick soot or there has been wind damage that has caused damage to the external part of the building, etc. Whatever the case is, our recovery services are available 24/7 for you.

Why choose Gulf Remodeling For Your Home Repairs?

After any uncontrollable incident with uncontrollable event, there is a problem when it comes to funds. We are a company that provides:

  1. +11 years local experience & a platinum verified member of the chamber of commerce
  2. Modest quotes for our repair and recovery services
  3. Working under budget and not going above the budget
  4. Using the best quality materials that provide your house with structural integrity and do not cause any structural problems or quality problems later down the road
  5. Provide consistent feedback to the customer in order to provide them with accurate completion times
  6. Work professionally and with a rule book in order to get things done as fast as possible

We don’t skimp out on what our customers require; we give our customers focus and integrity that allows them to be happy with the end result. So if you’re searching for a “Home remodeling contractor near me” trust that Gulf Remodeling will be your best choice and will always be by your side in every step during your Home Restoration & Remodeling process. Satisfaction is key with what we do and working under budget with modest budget requirements is what we focus on and promote.

What makes us different?

We know how restoration works and our professionals have the exact knowledge and customer dealing skills that allow our work to be exactly according to the customer’s requirement if there are any.

  1. Restoration jobs are completed in as little time as necessary. We do not over extend anything because we have professionals that are trained for exactly that purpose.
  2. Our restoration service is the best because we provide that work without any kind of substitutions that can cause a quality reduction. We believe in high-quality work that is undoubtedly the best in the market.

When we’re done with your restoration work, or any kind of work for that matter, the end-result will be better than the original. We absolutely focus on quality from the start till the end.

Customer Review

Gulf Remodeling makes it a stress-free experience. Very happy with their services and I highly recommend them if you're looking for a professional remodeling local company.
- Cheryl A.

Home Recovery & Repairs Experienced Contractors 

We have an extensive training program for our employees that can range from their communication skills, workmanship, certification etc.

  • – They use their extensive communication skills in order to bring exactly what you want to the table without any problems
  • – Professional communication with the customer as well as between the team allows the work to be done faster and at a higher quality
  • Certification allows safety, peace of mind, peace of security and efficiency which our competitors lack in that combination

At the end of the day, there are so many different services available but our services are changed absolutely because of the quality of work and our professionals.

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