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Houston Kitchen Cabinet Painting and Refinishing

#1 Cabinet Refinishing & Cabinet Painting Company in Houston & Here’s Why. Thinking about getting a Cabinet Refinishing is a smart decision, as one of the most important as well as the most neglected parts of a house is the kitchen. Believe us when we say this that a good kitchen increases the house’s worth and what better way to start renovating your kitchen than by Kitchen cabinets refinishing.

If you’re tired of your kitchen cabinets and want them to get a new life entirely, then we are a company that provides the best cabinets refinishing, cabinets painting, staining & refacing services.

Houston Cabinet Refinishing 

  • If you would like to refinish your kitchen cabinets, reface them or even repair & paint them with doors, we can help. 
  • Want to get new custom kitchen cabinets, new kitchen countertops, new backsplash, new kitchen flooring, get a total new kitchen designed and remodeled, we can make it happen.


Cabinet Refinishing & Cabinet Painting Services

  • Kitchen cabinets Refinishing, Kitchen cabinets Painting, Kitchen cabinets Refacing.
  • Custom kitchen cabinets design, Painting kitchen cabinets, Repairing kitchen cabinets.
  • Replacing kitchen cabinets, Revamping and improving kitchen cabinets.
  • Painting your kitchen cupboards, essentially giving them a new breath of life.
  • Providing improvements to cabinets that can include new hinges, new handles etc.
  • We can also help with kitchen countertops, kitchen flooring and more.
  • Total kitchen remodeling – ask about our latest design ideas, you will love them.


Professional Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing & Painting

As mentioned before, your kitchen is the center of your home and if you ever think about selling your house, it is an important selling point that can increase the market value to limits that you never imagined possible. Plus, the fact that anyone who does utilize a kitchen on a day to day basis will know how annoying squeaky kitchen cabinets can be.

Not just that if there is paint flaking off of there, or there is visible damage due to water (steam is a usual cause) then they look very unpleasant and very unhygienic, as they can also be a mold growth spot that can be harmful to health that can grow even worse because of the humidity.

Best Kitchen Cabinets Refacing & Kitchen Cabinets Refinishing Houston Has To Offer!

Cabinet Refinishing

kitchen cabinets Painting – kitchen cabinets Refinishing – kitchen cabinets refacing… It’s beautiful?

Why Gulf Remodeling is the best choice for your Kitchen Cabinets Services

We are a customer-focused company, what you want is our #1 priority. We see ourselves as a very honest & genuine business that provides kitchen cabinets refacing, refinishing, painting kitchen cabinets & even a whole kitchen remodeling in Houston & all surrounding cities. For have been doing this for many years, our professionals are well trained and experienced, so you don’t need to worry about anything. This is an important factor to note because if a company uses inexperienced staff, or shoddy material, their consistency and their credibility is affected.

Cabinet Refinishing & Painting Services in Houston TX

  • A Customer focused Houston kitchen cabinets refinishing & cabinets refacing company.
  • Working under your budget to provide you with a complete customer satisfaction.
  • Quality work that is unmatched in the market for the price point.
  • Using only the highest quality materials available in the market to complete the job.
  • Finishing our work as quickly as possible without being too disruptive to your everyday lives.
  • Customer satisfaction report before, during and after working in order to get the best possible service to our customer.

Our policies regarding cabinets is that our work will be sanitary, as we know humidity can cause growth of mold. We use paint that is resistant to wear and tear and can be used effectively with your kitchen.

Our Kitchen Cabinets Refinishing & Cabinet Painting Professionals

Our Houston Kitchen Cabinets Refinishing & Kitchen Cabinets Refacing professionals are very meticulous with their work; not only do they work for the customer, they work with them as well. We have trained our professionals with the following company-standard training:

  • Customer communication expertise; we provide our professionals with training that helps them in the job situation and allow them to communicate the customer requests with efficiency. This also allows us to minimize communication error that can cause errors in the finish product
  • Focus on the end product without worrying about the payment. We do not let our professionals worry about the payment, their job is to provide the best possible job on their end.
  • Professional quality and unmatched experienced form our side is guaranteed to the customer. We tend to make long term clients from our first time customers because they love our services.
  • Gulf Remodeling’s staff comes with +11 years of experience & a verified platinum member of the chamber of commerce.

Cost Of Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing, Painting or Cabinet Refacing

When you hire Gulf Remodeling you really don’t have to worry about the cost, we get special rates from our suppliers so we can make it affordable for you, we give free quotes always. Don’t wait, request your FREE quote online now by filling out this form.

Also at the end of the day, we will be happy to give you a FREE in-home consultation, it’s always our pleasure to answer a question and help as much as we can. Once you hire Gulf Remodeling for your next project, you will be amazed by the end results. We promise professional work, high-quality results, and a non-disruptive work routine. Your smooth experience is main goal and #1 priority.  

Also to note that some cabinets don’t need to be painted, refaced or refinished and if we see that, we let our customers know. 

Have the kitchen cabinets of your dreams, fill out the form, or call 832-500-7810 today for a FREE in-home consultation. 

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Customer Reviews

They did a wonderful job on my old kitchen, I wouldn't have imagined the results to be that good. Thank you!
- Georgia H

No Regrets

Hiring Gulf Remodeling was a no brainier, they gave me the most reasonable quote and working plan. Their Home Remodeling team is on spot when it comes to helping you choose the best materials and colors. I would highly recommend them!!!
- Roger M. Waller

Customer Review

I chose Gulf Remodeling because of their low price. They were on time. The owner came to inspect job and decided to replace all 4 walls with siding instead of original plywood idea. This took more time and cost was greater but he said it was the right way to do the job. He honored the original bid. My shed looks new. I am very happy with the job. This is a 5 star company with 5 star professional, honest and caring people. AV
- Alex Van G.

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